A downloadable game

The "Supporter Edition" of Operation: Harsh Doorstop includes early access to all development builds of the game. 

This means supporters can play upcoming patches and updates to the game as they are developed, and before they are released as free official updates to the public.

The "Supporter Edition" of Operation: Harsh Doorstop also includes access to any servers marked as supporter exclusive. Supporter exclusive servers are just a configuration setting in the server configuration files, so anyone can host a server that is supporter exclusive. We intend to host a few after launch (and for special events) but you can host your own if you like.

If you are a Squad Leader supporter of Drakeling Labs on Patreon (or above) you can redeem your Steam key for the "Supporter Edition" of Operation: Harsh Doorstop by CLICKING HERE.

If Steam keys are sold out, please redeem your reward here anyways and wait for them to be restocked as we get closer to launch. Patreon supporters can redeem their Steam key from your Itch library at any time (even if your membership expires) after you have claimed it here on Itch. However, you MUST claim it here on Itch before your Patreon membership expires.