A downloadable game

Rifleman Patreon supporters get a free bonus Steam key to an additional game we partner with. You get this Steam key by claiming a coupon code here, that can then be used on our official store. Please CLICK HERE to claim your coupon code to our online game store!

Once you have linked your Patreon to our Drakeling Labs Itch account you can click "GET DOWNLOAD KEY" and you will receive your ONE TIME USE coupon code! 

You can use this coupon code to claim THIS GAME ON OUR STORE HERE. Enter your coupon code, check out... and then copy your Steam key!

If the game you want to claim is currently sold out on our store DO NOT PANIC.

This is why we are using coupon codes... because you can hold onto that coupon code as long as you want. Either wait for the game to be restocked OR wait for a NEW game to be eligible for your coupon!

The type of game we offer as a reward changes depending on the season... so whether you choose to redeem the currently eligible game NOW, or wait for a possibly BETTER game to be eligible for redemption in the future is up to you. 

Your coupon code does not expire if your Patreon subscription renews, so you can use it (once) any time you like for whatever game is eligible for redemption at the given time.

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